CyberGhost DNS address for AdGuard

While using CyberGhost open vpn I get 5 leaked IP address unless I deactivate AdGuard then I only have the one, does anyone know any DNS server address I could add to AdGuard instead of the default and which used to be and but has been changed for some reason, I hunted through CyberGhost read me files but can’t find a list, it is a UK server address I require.
I noticed that NordVPN DNS address are easily found.

It is recommended that you enable DNS encryption in adguardhome.

Hi many thanks for the reply, i tried that but got a red warning box

Port 443 is used by the router’s administration page, you can not config https port, using DOT and DOH is sufficient.

Thanks but even more confused now, so if I can’t enable it what do I do

Hi still have this leak issue I thought it was only with CyberGhost, but I just tried Proton VPN and that leaks again while using AdGuard, but I don’t get the trouble with SurfShark open vpn but SurfShark takes ages to get a connected & sometimes completely times out.
So back to the original problem simply could you please help with some advice on what I can do with AdGuard apart form deactivating altogether, I tried changing the Upstream DNS servers that helps reduce the number of DNS leaks but can then report a different country altogether.