Damn Slate AX - Nothing to complain

As happy user of the Beryl and reader of this forum, I was very pleased to receive my Slate AX. A brand new device with a lot of bugs to expose and write whole books about workarounds. But …
But I can’t. It works. Until 3 days daily testing I can’t write anything that don’t work.
It works at WAN cable, it works at 2,4GHz WLAN, it works with 5GHz WLAN. It works with WireGuard in LAN and WAN … DLNA works. AdGuard Home works.

I even don’t use the latest beta with a lot of fixes - to get in touch with the device, first.

  1. It uses a lot of power. But comes with a great performance!
  2. AdGuard Home doesn’t recognize Eicar as Malware … I don’t think this is a GL.iNet issue.

I have to rethink my strategy, now I’ll write a text about how nice this little helper is. But first I want to test it as Wireguard Server and install as much packages as possible, before it comes to Beta tests :slight_smile:
To be fair, it was never my main router, because my setup is somewhat complex. I 'd rather use it as travel-device for a few clients.


I’ve had my SlateAX running on WWAN for over 2 months, and I’ve had zero packet loss and 100% uptime. I did reboot a few times to upgrade the Firmware.

I have to agree there’s nothing to complain about.
The Beryl was an ok device, it did work well but had some wifi dropouts and odd reboots. But damn, the SlateAX is a winner.

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Well, it has some heating issues which can affect the life of the device.
Apart from that, the device is the definitive wifi 6 router.

Can you define ‘heating issue’?
I’m working with the Slate AX as replacement for the Beryl for a week, now. I have no problem to touch it and put it in my bag, at any time. It is warmer as the beryl, but the performance is also much higher.

My manual IR thermometer says 46,3°C on the top of the case, maximum 48,3°C on the bottom at a room temperature of 24,3°C.
I have just performed a Firmwareupgrade to beta, made a few smaller configurations and updated my laptop (21,4MB@10.4MB/s over wireguard) in the last 30 Minutes.

The Slate AX itself says:
cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone[0-5]/temp says repeated 69.
cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone6/temp says 70.

I hope it is internal hotter, than outside, but there maybe I should also define the offset (default 0). I haven’t cracked it open, now.
The cooler isn’t even spinning (cat /sys/class/thermal/cooling_device[0-2]/cur_state is 0)

Same experience - was a super early bird buyer and have been using without issues since I received it. I run Wireguard VPN 24/7 and it does the job very well. Speed and Wifi reach are great. This little unit provides 5Ghz WIFI to a 2600 sq ft. house, we easily get good speed all over the home. Much better than a Brume MV that I was using before. Well done gl.inet.

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I would agree. I had the regular Brume and it was nice but this SlateAX is really good on OVPN speeds.