Data harvesting privacy concern: browsing history collected by routers?

Reading the privacy policy at Privacy Policy - GL.iNet section 3.1b says:

We use automatic data collection tools like cookies, web beacons, google analytics and other tracking technologies in our products to collect data and related information, including IP addresses, device identifiers, advertising identifiers and other information about your device, system and application software and peripherals. We may collect information about your browser and what sites you visit. We might also look at how and how often you use one of our applications and certain features. Third parties may also collect information using cookies.

Emphasis mine. Can a staff member clarify exactly when, how often, and how much data is being harvested from these “privacy” focused routers?

edit: thanks for the response, this definitely needs to be updated and clarified because the policy specifically defines “Products” as the router hardware. Apologies for not finding that other post, not sure how my search didn’t find it.

Easy, never: