Day gone to DFS after upgrade to 3.105

Found my performance issue after upgrading to 3.105. Apparently the older version of firmware didn’t enforce DFS rules in my location while the new one does. The channel I selected (104) is a DFS channel and not permitted at my location. This also explains why devices would occasionally drop off the network for no apparent reason. Switching to a non-DFS channel restored full bandwidth and had improved stability.

As I upgraded saving settings, there were no warnings that my selected channel was not available. @alzhao this really deserves some sort of warning in the UI. I spent an entire day sorting out the cause. Please consider adding a warning.

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By wifi speed problems, it can help to configure by router and on your pc the same country and both to auto chanel. Related on this, both can use more and the same channels. In some country are more channels allowed then on the a non configured standard setting “us”.

By the way, depend on law of some country’s, it need to configure the right country and on this way, the right channels and power of channels, on router too.

Which model do you use? It should not shift to DFS channel automatically.

Using DFS may be affected by environment and signal may disappear shortly.

@alzhao I’m not sure my message is translating.

I had a prior firmware and was using channel 104. Occasionally devices would fall off the network and reconnect. WiFi speeds were close to 200 Mbps near the router.

Upgrading to 3.105, WiFi speed dropped to 30 Mbps. DFS is now being enforced, and of course being on channel 104 the B1300 has to disable that channel. Here’s the problem: NO WARNING and no indication of a problem in the web interface. The 5Ghz interface is silently disabled.

So I spent a day learning why and finally stumbled across DFS which explained the issue. Changing the channel to a non-DFS channel of course solved the problem.

@Henry_Bruns Absolutely helps and the router and devices are set for the proper country. This is an upgrade issue. DFS channels were not enforced in the older firmware, and the newer silently disabled 5G. Made it look like the device failed. :wink:

I understand what you said. But DFS should be enforced in both the old and new firmware.

You cannot choose DFS from the UI. The firmware was just wrongly set to DFS channel for some reason.