DDNS and port forwarding

I forwarded a port (8090) on my AR-150 to one of my home devices, and I can access the device from the outside now using the raw IP xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8090. However, it times out when I try to access it using my GL-iNet DDNS name myddns.gl-inet.com:8090.

Which brings me to the question about how the GL-iNet DDNS work. It seems like they don’t make your unique DDNS name resolve to the IP of your router. Instead, all their DDNS names map to the same IP address which is some GL-iNet web host. I have two GL routers, and I did an online DNS lookup for the two different DDNS names to verify that. So, the way I seems to work, when you plug your DDNS name into the browser, it goes to that GL web host, and then the host does an HTTP-redirect to your unique IP and port 83 (83 is the default port that is open in every GL router for outside access). I can clearly see in the browser URL window – as soon as I enter the DDNS name there, it immediately gets replaced with the numeric xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:83, so it seems to be a redirect.

My questions:

  • Is my understanding how their DDNS works correct?
  • If so, how do I access specific ports on my GL router using the DDNS name? For example, I want to be able to use myddns.gl-inet.com:8090, but right now it will not work


  1. DDNS - Yeah, DDNS binds with public IP address, if you connect them to your main router, they will resolve to the same IP.

  2. Port - Do you have a try to modify the WAN Access port? You can change 83 to any port what you want.


What I meant is that their DDNS works with HTTP only using a redirect, not through a DNS lookup.

I tested the port change: if I change the access port, say to 8090, then going to myddns.gl-inet.com will redirect to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:8090. Apparently, the router updates their DDNS service with the new port number.

But there is only one port at a time that can be used in this way. I need to open more than one port on the router with DDNS, how do I do that?

Yup, the router will update its ddns service with a port.

You can open port on luci. It is not difficult to do this.

But how do I access multiple ports from the outside?

When I used DynDNS.org, I could use mydns.dyn.org:XXXX to open and access any port from the outside. With this DDNS, this will not work. I can’t use myddns.gl-inet.com:XXXX format at all. I can only use myddns.gl-inet.com, and it will redirect to the single open port.

Currently the ddns is only http redirect.

Do you need a real dynamic DNS? Thinking to build one.

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Thank you for clarifying. We appreciate the existing free service you provide. Real dynamic DDNS would be even better of course. In the meantime, how do we access multiple ports? Should we install a custom script for another DDNS such as No-IP.com?

Pls try our ddns now. We are moving to real ddns.


Replace with your current ddns name.

@alzhao a very late reply, but just want to thank GL-iNet for putting in all these great features. That is the reason I own several of your routers.