DDNS and VPN client conflict?

I’ve enabled the VPN client service on my Slate AX(v4.1.0).
Also, I’ve enabled the DDNS service at the same time.
However, the DDNS service cannot get the correct public IP address.
It’s always mapped to my VPN IP even I’ve enabled the “Services from GL.iNet don’t Use VPN” option.

How can I fix it?

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Update: I’ve sloved it by disable “Services from GL.iNet don’t Use VPN” option and re-enable it.
But after I reboot the router, it’s will get VPN IP again.
I think this is a bug for the router firmware…

Longstanding bug reported by me and others on these fora but another one of those serious issues with these routers that go unresolved.

Could you tell me what’s the another one serious issue?

Here is an example:

I have started to slowly give up on GL.iNET ironing these important issues out before dishing out new models with partially baked firmware versions all the time. I am looking to go back to Asus as my main router at home now that they support wireguard.

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I was planned to buy their new Beryl AX to bring to the office as a VPN AP util I found their products are so buggy…

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