Ddns ar300m


Does the DDNS work only if using WAN? Can it work if my AR300M is in repeater mode with some port forwarding from master router?

in repeater mode, DDNS can not be configured, if there was a view of the WISP mode, then through LUCI everything is fine tuned for external public IPv4 adress. Script not register private IP!

<p style=“text-align: left;”>Thanks. I am trying to setup WAN on my AR300M. I am based in Dubai, UAE and we connect via PPPoE here. I set my username and password and then checked “Enable WAN Access” but I get a Port Not Opened on the status page. See screenshots. Repeater mode works fine with a master router but I don’t want to use the master router anymore and want to create a PPPoE connection directly to my ISP. Any ideas?</p>

Your router didn’t connect to the Internet as it doesn’t have an IP address from WAN. Please check.

Maybe internet working through LTE?

For LTE it will also display info in the page. Seems no connection at all.

screenshots are made with android and there is an icon LTE =)

apparently for this he did not understand that there is no connection to the Internet from the router.