DDNS change


Anyone know how to generate new DDNS link?
I need to do it, because I think someone misused previous one…

What do you mean by that?

Each name is tied to the device. So no way to get a new one. You can unlink and re-link devices inside GoodCloud.

Yes. Search my posts on the forum I have listed full details for DDNS links how to register them using ssh to point to any ip you desire.

@admon okay. Thanks. Is there any way to remove this feature from firmware? I will add one from No-Ip. It is crucial not to have static link and not to overfill memory.

P.S: I understand my responsibility to do such modifications.

@SpitzAX3000 as I read your profile it is tied to SN and other device info? That’s awful…

Just disable the feature then and use whatever DynDNS service you want to use?

Of course! Otherwise anyone can bind his own non-GL device to the DDNS service of GL !

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I have lack of memory:(

I need to save it as much as possible

So that’s why… Okay. But what if someone will brute force such information?

You won’t save much by deleting it.
More space can be saved by deleting tailscale(d) for example.

It is used to connect to my router? If I delete it will I still be able to use Wireguard?

Just run uninstall command?

Difficult to brute force as you need three pieces of interrelated data fields: MAC , device id and SN

Never tried to delete it but Tailscale isn’t WireGuard. So it depends on what you are using.
If you use Tailscale, don’t delete it. If you use the WireGuard server on-board it should be OK.

 rm /usr/sbin/tailscale
 rm /usr/sbin/tailscaled

Should do the job.

Worst case you need to flash your firmware again to get them back.

OpenVPN and WireGuard and Tor will continue to work?

I would assume yes, because they don’t use tailscale.

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