DDNS Domain Resolution errors

When I go into the GL iNet DDNS settings and do the DDNS test, I get

“The IP from DDNS domain resolution is not the same as the WAN IPs of the device. You need an Internet Public IP address to use the Dynamic DNS. If this router is behind NAT, you may need to set up port forward in your ISP router. If you have VPN Client enabled, please disabled “Services from GL.iNet Use VPN” in the global options.”

I have a public IP address and I believe port forwarding is set up as my Wireguard VPN client correctly connects to the Wireguard VPN server. I also disabled the services from GLiNet use VPN.

I manually checked the DDNS as shown here:

and both addresses were the same. I am confused what may be the issue.

The GL.iNet DDNS test is known to be not reliable.

It is more reliable to check that the IP address from nslookup on the DDNS domain name matches the IP address from whatismyip.com.

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

What’s your router model and firmware version? This may be a bug.
To confirm the DNS record is informed to ddns server correctly, issue command:

nslookup xxxxxxx.glddns.com ddns.glddns.com

If that returns your public IP correctly, then wait a minute for DNS sync between servers.

I get

Server: ddns.glddns.com

Address: [server Address]

Name: xxxxxx.glddns.com

Address: [ my IP from DDNS Domain Resolution in DDNS test]

model mt-3000, version 4.20

If you need to use port forward to make the Wireguard server work, then mt-3000 is under NAT.
So I think it’s normal.