DDNS not working on Flint 2

Just recieved my Flint 2 in the mail today. Swapped everything over from Flint 1 and got everything working perfectly other than DDNS. It’s still resolving to the previous IP address of the Flint 1. Nslookup shows old IP and so does GL iNet test inside router.

I’ve tried turning DDNS on and off on Flint 2, disabling DDNS on Flint 1 and resetting to factory, but no luck. I’ve also made sure that the GL iNet services are not being sent through VPN tunnel.

Is there any way to manually set the new IP address of the Flint 2 or flush out the old IP address record?

New device = New DDNS domain.

Yes. When I try going to the new domain, nothing happens. I run DDNS test and it says " The IP address from DDNS domain resolution is not the same as the WAN IP of the device. You need an Internet Public IP address to use Dynamic DNS."

It then shows the previous public WAN IP of the Flint 1 as what it’s linked to. How do I clear the previous IP address from the nslookup A record?

You need to provide additional information about your setup and your ISP.
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Did you restore the config from Flint1 to Flint2?

ISP is AT&T. Their gateway is in IP Passthrough mode to the Flint 2 static IP. Connection is via WAN port with Flint 2 in router mode. AdGuard Home is my DNS server.

I didn’t do restore config. Pretty much just copied and pasted over anything I needed, which wasn’t much.

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Since DNS has caching, you should try to resolve your new DDNS domain by using this: https://dnschecker.org/

Does it show the right IP?

This is the issue I’m having. It’s still resolving to the IP address from the Flint 1. Perhaps the TTL on the DNS record is not yet expired?

That’s is something what really confuses me.
The Flint2 should have a complete new DDNS domain. The new domain should not be ever in contact with the Flint1.

I agree. I have no idea why it’s even showing up on the new domain. Maybe I should try restarting the main gateway?

But you are sure that you ping the new one, yeah? :smile:
Just asking …

Figured it out. I forgot to update the MAC address to which the IP Passthrough was forwarding to in the AT&T gateway. Updated it to the Flint 2’s MAC address and DDNS is now working perfectly.

Thanks for the help!

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Glad to here, even if my idea was wrong then, haha :smile:
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