DDNS not working on GL-AX1800

I bought a an GL-AX1800 router. So far Im loving it.
I’m not an IT expert, just trying to configure an Dynamyc DNS, but when I test it, it says:

“Your DDNS is not effective yet. Please, try again later”


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You could pm your mac address to me, I will check it.

Try the beta GL.iNet download center

It should be a bug.

Hello @alzhao,
Updated with the beta, disables and enables de DDNS and now it’s working.

Tried nslookup and I think its working. (doesnt let me put 2 images as new user)

But it says in red: “This router its behind a NAT ot doesn’t have a static IP”.


I have this router connect to my ISP router, should I do something there?

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You should do port forward from your main router.

Otherwise you cannot access AX1800 via http/https/ssh etc.

If nslookup is successful, then DDNS is working okay and you can ignore the error message.

To be able to access the GL-AX1800 from the Internet, you have to set up port forwarding for specific ports (e.g., TCP 80 for http, TCP 443 for https) on your ISP router to the WAN IP address of the GL-AX1800.

To further be able to access devices in the LAN behind the GL-AX1800, you have to set up similar port forwarding on your GL-AX1800 (Admin Panel → Firewall → Port Forwards) to the IP address(es) of the LAN devices.

Some users set up their ISP router as a bridge, so that it would no longer do any routing and the GL-AX1800 becomes the only router. If you do this, then you do not have to set up port forwarding on the ISP router.

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