DDNS not working with Wireguard client

I tried several times in the past few days, no way to make DDNS working when Wireguard client is running (Proton VPN).
Of course I checked “Services from GL.iNet doesn’t Use VPN”, but when I do a DDNS test I always see my WG IP and not my ISP IP…

Pls give the router model and firmware version so that I can check.

Slate AXT1800, 4.0.0 release2.

Verified it is a bug and still being fixed.

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Is it still being fixed? I ask because I didnt’ see it mentioned on any changelog and it still doesn’t work for me.
At the moment, when using WGclient (Proton VPN) and checking “Services from GL.iNet doesn’t Use VPN”, DDNS service is correctly using my ISP IP and I can reach the admin panel trough “myslateAX.glddns.com” but only if I am connected to my local network. Trying to reach it from remote simply doesn’t work when WG client is enabled, I have to completely turn it off to make DDNS work…

It is fixed already in firmware 4.0.1 release 1

Can you describe the problem?

If Wireguard client is enabled (Proton VPN), I can acces my DDNS only when inside my local network. Trying to reach it from my phone (4g LTE e.g.) doesn’t work.
If I stop WG client, DDNS works as expected and I can reach it both from my local network and from my phone.