DDNS test error

Hi, Currently am found out that my DDNS test is error on my flint.
I’m curious to know what is the problem, pls?


The error says much. Your system has a listed DNS server. And this server is not able to find the DNS name.

Just open a CMD in your computer and try to ping the dyndns address.
If this works, try nsloookup [dyndns domain] (without []) … Than use nslooup /help to get the syntax for specify a DNS server. nslookup [dyndns domain] or nslookup @ [dyndns domain] can ask the the Google DNS servers.

If the Google servers doesn’t know the domain, there is a error in registration. If there is a finding, but the wrong IP, it could be an issue with the renewal…

Alright :+1: noted with thanks :blush: