Debian Bullseye on Brume 2

I know GL.iNet provided an Ubuntu environment for the original Brume. Is a Debian or Ubuntu image planned/possible for the Brume 2?

They said it won’t be supported

There’s officially supported and there’s “Here’s some uboot information and how you might do that if you wanted to go about trying…” I’d be happy with the second…

IMO, Not really worth the effort when SBCs with 2gb are $35.

The two Ethernet ports are tough to find in that price bracket. Sure, I could get a Pi4CM and router board, but that’s $200, larger and heavier.

And really, it’s more about the project than the outcome.

I don’t think the Brume2 has a very powerful processor, so I don’t think it would make a decent Ubuntu server / desktop to apply any extra work load too.

But I do agree with you. It would be nice to have Ubuntu on it, I just don’t see it happening soon.

I do run everything in docker so I’m happy to see that docker is supported on this device. :+1: