Debrick GL MT300N V2 using uboot

I am trying to unbrick my GL MT300N-V2 using uboot following Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Docs 3

I had flashed an OPENWRT 18.06 snapshot and I am trying to revert to stock lede-mt300n-v2-2.27.bin. The new firmware seems to be running as a DHCP server is running and it responds to pings, but refuses connection with ssh or telnet.

  1. Power off MT300N-V2
  2. Connect ethernet cable from Windows10 PC to LAN port on MT300N-V2
  3. Set IP address of PC to
  4. Hold in reset button on MT300N-V2 and power up
  5. Hold button. Red LED flashes 4 times and then two green LED are on
  6. ping and get response
  7. Connect to

I get a web page saying

The page you were looking for doesn’t exist!
You can find more information about this project on GitHub

Is Uboot failsafe different for the MT300N-V2?

I know I broke it and I have to fix it. Time to connect a serial cable.

I have logged in to OPENWRT 18.06 snapshot using ssh.

Still interested in learning how to debrick this router.

If you can ssh in, it sounds simply as if luci is not running. Try to run /etc/init.d/lighttpd start and see if the GUI comes up then.

Luci is running. It isn’t included in openwrt HEAD snapshots so I hadn’t tried, but is included with the 18.06 snapshots. Openwrt/LEDE documentation is … fragmented.

That isn’t my question here. I am asking about the Uboot failsafe method. I am about to build my own kernels and would like to be able to recover from mistakes.

It causes by browser cache, you can cleanup your browser cache and try again.

Clearing the browser cache allowed me to upload firmware using uboot. Thank you.