Debrick of MT300 N-V2

Hello everybody, I was trying to debrick the above mentioned router with Uboot ( Debrick via Uboot - GL.iNet Router Docs 3). Connection to the PC is established but I am not able to connect to uboot ( Tried it on Debian as well as on Windows. Any other ideas how to debrick this router? Thanks for some hints

  • For GL-MT300N, GL-MT300A, the LED flashes 3 times.

Did this happen?
Can you ping

What IP did you give your PC?

PC IP is and I am not able to ping but network show connected

Hi, I’ve just last night managed to de-brick my GL-MT300N-v2 (Mango) via the UART connection.

Set the UART device to 3.3V. Connect only the Rx, Tx and Gnd. No need to connect Vcc. Connect the device to the PC via the LAN and power up the router while pressing the reset button. Let the led flash 3 times before letting go. Monitor the boot process via any terminal application (e.g. putty). When prompted, press “f” followed by “Enter” to enter the failsafe mode. Press “Enter” to enter the console as root, no password needed. Type “firstboot” and accept the action. then type “Reboot”. Thereupon you should be presented with the regular GUI at Make sure you flash a fresh firmware and not save any old / previous settings.

Thank you for this. Just few questions as I am experiencing the same issue.

Which ip address did you use for putty?
For the connection, did you do direct connection Rx to Rx and Tx to Tx or Rx to Tx?