Deeper network

please check Deeper Network can we use this service in router

They want to sell their own hardware products and use proprietary technology.
This makes integration impossible.

Besides this, it looks pretty spammy to me, tbh.

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no that was nit right i can use the app without hardware to download app go to this site Deeper Network DPN

you can test it

That looks so scary and crypto - I won’t test it, sorry.

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ok no issue but there is nothing to do with crypto unless buy hardware

I wonder though, would nextdns with a few settings also be feasible? :thinking:

I’m not sure what they define with ‘web3’ only that it is a broad name for accessing private crypto networks kinda like with tor and onion domains, nextdns supports EDNS for domains with eth extension and maybe other web3 features.

But i believe this still uses different implementations and networks.

For me web3 has been become more of a buzzword to me due to the different flavours and not a real standard afaik.:wink:


Ah nvm, i see this is some type of vpn implementation, though if there is no source i personally won’t trust it :wink: