Delete stray WiFi repeater networks


I have an MT1300. Running 3.211.

I am seeing the following in my logs, which is causing WiFi drops on my network:

Thu Jun 30 09:44:27 2022 daemon.warn apcli[4023]: not found ap(HUERTA DON CHANO)…re-scan in 60s

This is an old WiFi network that is no longer in use. However, when I go to Saved Networks, I have nothing listed. “No Known WiFi Networks”.

So, it seems the value is still in a file somewhere, but not showing up in the UI.

Is there a file I can check and remove the entry from so I can stop the WiFi disconnects?

Thank you.

You can reboot the device. If still have the problem, ssh to the router and clear the sta config in /etc/config/wireless

Thank you.

The reboot had not worked.

How much of the ‘sta’ entry should I remove? All of it so there is no ‘sta’ entry? Or everything under the ‘sta’? Or just some of it?

Thanks for the clarification.

Remove the whole part of sta

Also remove all in /etc/config/ssids

Thank you.

Ssids was empty, but removed the entire sta section.

Thanks again.