Developer for hire (custom config build for MiFi)?


I’d like have a custom config built, for my GL-MiFi.
I would love to learn how to build it myself, but will not have time to dive into it for a long while.

Basic Purpose:
To create a battery powered (man in the middle) switch.
WAN is incoming from switch and network.
LAN is outgoing to IoT equipment.
WiFi gets me into the middle (between the devices).

Incoming equipment (switch) uses provisioned static IP addresses, does not issue DHCP.
Outgoing equipment (IoT) is provisioned with static IP address.
Laptop and tablets (WiFi man in the middle) each have static IPs assigned to them as well.

I tried the ‘bridge’ and the ‘dumb AP’, but couldn’t get neither to work exactly how I dreamed it up.

Right now, a USB powered 5 port Netgear is placed inline with a port going to: Switch/ IoT/ Laptop
Would like to be able to migrate over to wireless tablets (thus reason #2 to use the MiFi).

Future dream, is to incorporate the 4G to create remote access tunnel for the training lab (WiFi on-site, 4G off-site–reason #1).

Please advise; all suggestions appreciated!

P.S. With several networks, we have a table of equipment IPs that we currently utilize as a batch file, to program (change) the IP of the on-site laptop.
Basically, you type the name of the device you need to access and it changes your laptop IP and opens a predestined URL in iexplorer.
Would love to replace the MiFi interface, or add a page with drop down to allow us to configure via the device.

Seems that you want to mirror the wan/lan traffic to the WiFi interface. Seems this cannot be done in hardware but it can be done in software.

I came to this post and not sure if it helps.

Thanks for the reply alzhao, I’ll give the port-mirroring a look.

What I think I’m having an issue with, is more along the lines of bridging though.
I set the WAN to LAN, but the WAN port is not passing traffic.

I was able to connect downstream to LAN1 via WiFi0, but not from Wifi0 upstream to LAN0.
I did reverse the physical connections (LAN0/LAN1), and was able to talk the other way (upstream) from WiFi0 but then not downstream.
Seems only to work from WiFi0 to LAN1, as I cannot connect to LAN0 from LAN1 either (or vice versa).

Must be something I’m missing in the configuration, as the led doesn’t always correspond with the activity either. Sometimes the led is lit, with nothing plugged in to the port. Sometimes the led is not lit when there is something plugged in.

It’s not very clear what you’re trying to achieve here.

Bridging follows the “rules” of Linux bridging, which means that traffic destined for a non-broadcast MAC only goes out to the port on which that MAC is known to exist1. It is effectively a switch, not a hub.

It may also be that firewall rules prevent the traffic flowing as you desire, as the basic configuration is that WAN is NAT-ed with no pre-opened ports, wireless is bridged to LAN, and that traffic is permitted too be forwarded out the WAN to remote destinations.

1 Unrecognized, unicast MAC addresses excepted until the MAC is seen on a port.