Devices do not connect to gl-mt300n-v2 WiFi after update to v4.3.10

I just installed the new firmware on my gl-mt300n-v2, after setting the WiFi credentials again, my Tapo C200 cameras connected one time, when I set domain names for them I could not access them thu it (just with the ips)

I have reset the router to factory settings to prevent any error, but then the cameras just do not connect anymore.

I am using it on router mode and the wifi mode is b/g/n (although g/n also do not work.)

I can connect from my Mac and my Phone, but the cameras just do not connect.

If I try with an extender I have with the same SSID (disconnecting the mango) the cameras connect right away.

Is there something I can check to find the issue?

I had noticed a while ago that some of my IoT devices (particularly smart plugs) kept on frequently disconnecting from the Mango when clean upgraded from firmware V3 to v4. Reverting back to the older V3 of the firmware resulted in solid connection for the same devices. Something must have got broken with the later versions of the firmware as far as I can guess.

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