Devices should use the master router to use the internet. How?


we have a s2s network with more than 8 devices connected.
I want some of these routers in the s2s network, or rather their connected devices, to use the internet via the master in the s2s network.

Is this possible, so to speak, that all devices of the s2s network will go through the master then to the internet? Currently we do this with wireguard client to wireguard server (on the master) connections. But maybe it should work differently?

Thank you for the help, or how to set this up.

Understood your requirement but now the S2S set up does not route all data to the main node.

One option you can try is to add to the main node’s S2S settings and check if this works.

Not it doesnt work. It is prohibited to add or there.
“Incorrect IP format”

you can see here: