Devices with Ethernet over USB

I think the GL-USB150 is a first-of-its kind device where you can get ethernet connectivity directly from the USB port.

it would be great if the same functionality could be added to some of your other travel devices (especially the next-gen AR750(s)).

Most modern laptops no longer have ethernet ports and OpenWRT/LEDE doesn’t enable Wifi by default.
I don’t usually carry USB-Ethernet adapters with me when I travel so I’ve gotten locked out of my router devices in the past because I had to factory reset them while on the road.

An ethernet bridge on the micro USB port would allow the device to act as an ethernet adapter for any connected computer on top of all the existing functionality.

That would be a good feature. But have to balance the cost the market demand. I assume only a few users need this features but it will add cost too all the users.
Also for AR750 and new models, the traditional USB-A cannot provide enough power. But hope the USB type C can output necessary power.

I would love to have this feature on GL-AXT1800 / Slate AX! For a premium price travel router, I’d love to be able to power the router from my M1 MacBook and get Ethernet from the same cable, one less cable and one less adapter dongle I’d need to carry around for digital nomad life.