DFS question

My Asus Merlin router is set to auto channel and uses channel 108 to broadcast 5ghz wifi.
I can connect without problems with my other devices including android phones and an ipad.

On my Slate the router is grayed out with a dfs label.

Why cannot Slate use this channel when my other devices connects without problem?

I’m located in sweden if that matters.


Did you select “Sweden” on advanced admin menue for WIFI ?
This will configure the contry releated channel configuration. That should be including country releated channels, WiFi power and DFI releated things.


That’s because the slate doesn’t have DFS certification, So we filter the DFS channel.

This is such a significant limitation making this device unsuitable for 5G travel repeater as most hotels use DFS. Very disappointed

It can be the only 50% of wifi speed is releated the follow bug report: