DHCP Assign, LAN IP, Bandwith monitor, etc. MT-300N-V2

Just bought and receive my units, so far the UI is so dumbed down is so similar like totolink units, I can’t even change the unit name. Sure doesn’t matter as long it works.


  1. How to set DHCP assign because I don’t see any menu to do that except in luci interface.

  2. Why LAN IP limited to header with 192/172/10? I can change it (via LUCI again) but often the ip will just revert back to default after the unit is plugged off.

  3. I read somewhere this version will have a bandwith monitor similar to gargoyle had, but so far the only thing I see is monitor based on text only.

  4. Why some devices still listed in offline device even after the units has been rebooted?

Personally I bought this units to replace my old wr740 (with gargoyle) but almost everything is locked/limited idk if I made the right decision to purchase this unit.

  1. You can change DHCP options in luci.

  2. Check Private network - Wikipedia for LAN IP ranges.

  3. Cannot understand.

4 It record client list

All of these problem is fixed by installing gargoyle instead. Done.

Thx and bye.