DHCP Clients Show IPs from Main Network

I’m running the GL-AR300M-Lite as a repeater and sometimes devices from my main network with LAN IP’s of 10.0.0.XXX are showing up as DHCP clients. On my main network I’m running a main router at and a WAP at Attached screenshot. Any suggestions as to what might be going on? Once I reboot the router it’s fine, but after a while a device or two start to show back up as DHCP clients.


It is highly likely that it is related to this bug:

On reboot if bridge mode is selected with the switch, if the GL does not get a DHCP IP address (in your case a 10.0.0.x from your other router) on its WAN port before the switch_mode script is run then it sets its own IP address to address and switches it’s DHCP server on. Because in this mode the LAN and WAN of the GL are bridged, the DHCP service advertisement leaks out of the WAN port back to clients on your LAN and this causes a DHCP race with your other router where where some of your clients inevitably get allocated 192.168.8.x addresses by the GL instead of 10.0.0.x addresses from your router.

This has been reported as a bug but for the mean time you can edit /usr/bin/switch_mode and comment out the line that re-enables the DHCP server. If you need help to do this let me know.



Thank you! Yes I would need help commenting that out, is there a how-to anywhere?

Also, just to be clear, the devices that are showing up with the 10.0.0.X IP as DHCP clients are NOT connected to this router, but they are showing up as they are. This should fix it?


I have made a modified switch_mode script and included it with instructions in my other post linked in my comment above.

Please see this post about how to upload the new file.

Good luck!


The page wrongly shows the IP from WAN side but this should be just a bug in displaying.

Corrected link for new forum url.