DHCP not working on wired connections when configured as a router

I have a GL-AR750S. It is configured as a wireless router. I can connect to the wireless network but none of the wired connections are working. None of the devices I plug in to the ethernet ports will receive an IP from DHCP. I am running the latest firmware and I am using the cable that came with the device. I have not changed any of the advanced settings on the device. Is this a bug? Corrupt firmware?

Try using another Ethernet cable, in case the one provided is bad.

If you set the IP address manually (including subnet mask, gateway, DNS) on one of the wired devices, can you then access the Internet?

I do not work for and I do not have formal association with GL.iNet

If you don’t mind just reset the firmware, in case you had dome changes breaks the config.

Thanks. It was a bad cable.