Did anyone manage to install vanilla OpenWRT on Beryl MT1300

Just wondering if anyone here managed to install & run without major issues OpenWRT on Beryl MT1300.

I had trouble with radio signal on 22.03.3 installed from OpenWRT repo ([OpenWrt Wiki] GL.iNet GL-MT1300 v1), then I saw this discussion: GL-iNet gl-mt1300 (Beryl) flash corruption · Issue #10461 · openwrt/openwrt · GitHub and downloaded the bin from there, unfortunately same problem, super-weak signal on one of the radios.

Keen to hear from others, thanks.

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I had no problems, though I’m generally in the same room as the router.

Thanks awesome - which version did you install?

Could you perhaps try switching off the acn radio and just leaving the bgn one, connecting with your phone to wifi and just walking about the room?

I built my own from source.

If I have time - I’ll have to dig it out since I don’t use it much anymore.