Difference between Router and Access Point modes

I’ve tried searching for this and can’t find a solid answer other than one line in the docs. What is the functional difference between setting my AR300M to router mode vs access point mode?

I have a ubiquiti nanostation that is connecting to a wireless network 500 meters away. This is then plugged into my AR300M’s WAN port. Should I use access point or router mode on my AR300m and why?

Thank you so much!

Router mode will set up a firewall between the WAN side and the LAN side, and will supply IP’s to connected devices.

Access Point Mode will basically let the router on the WAN side do all the work, the AR300M becomes like a switch + wifi adapter combined, getting the IP’s from the WAN router for clients, and there is no firewall, the firewall is handled by the upstream router as well.

I don’t know if the Nanostation acts as a router already? If so, then use the AR300M in Access Point Mode. If not, use Router mode.

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Thank you so much @Johnex! Does using the AR300M in AP mode improve performance because it has to “do less stuff”?

Maybe a little? Not really much though. It’s more of convenience or how you want your setup to be. If you have double firewalls you would have to forward ports in 2 locations.