Differences between GL-net FW and original Openwrt

Device: GL-MT300N-V2

What is the difference between an Gl-net FW and the original Openwrt one

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I would add two things. One, for the Mango and the Beryl, I think the GL firmware is compiled with proprietary MTK drivers.

Second, I think you are more likely to find support here specific to the models and be of aid in improving the firmware for other users. Not trying to ignite anything here, just my 2 cents.

Mango 3.212 snapshot; Beryl 3.212 snapshot; Not affiliated with GL-iNet–just a user


Hardware support can be better in the GL firmwares, they do commit patches upstream but it’s not a fast process.

Source: tried vanilla OpenWRT on a couple GL devices and went back to the manufacturer firmware due to various issues I didn’t have the energy to debug on vanilla OpenWRT at the time

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