Differences in the MT1300 Beryl firmware

I would like to use openwrt software in the MT1300 router.
I mean this image:

Someone tried to install it? Are there any other differences besides the lack of the GL.inet application? Is there any difference in performance?

After installing the original openwrt, will I be able to easily return to the firmware from gl.inet?

Is there a reason you need to use the OpenWRT snapshot? It will be less stable than the release version the GL firmware is based on. Beryl already runs OpenWRT 19.x.

If you don’t want to use the GL UI, then you can flash the stable version of OpenWRT, you do it via uBoot to flash and also to go back to the GL UI.

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I wanted to see if there would also be a low bandwidth problem described here on other firmware.

Where can I find a stable version of openwrt? I only saw a snapshot on the openwrt site.

It should be here:

But yes there is no release version of it yet. If you do flash the snapshot, beware it won’t be as tested as the GL firmware. The OpenWRT guys usually just add a file and run batch compilation without much deep testing.