Different IP addresses

Is possible to have more than one public ip address?

What I want to achieve is to connect 2 router (setup as servers) to my modem and have them with different public IP address. Is this possible?

I think that depends alot on your isp I do know that some isps give whole ipv6 blocks.

And then you have to look if you need a extra isp connection, often with fiber some isps use a media connector then its easier, I believe you have to make a static wan with the data the isp gives you.

When I still hosted a server at ovh I could get a ip block via ripe by ovh, and then I had to create my own interface with ip, gateway etcetera, I think this is also how it would work on openwrt aslong your isp makes that possible.

But you can also ask yourself if you really need multiple public ips:

Sometimes you may have 2 appliances using the same port which gives problems, well you can use nginx for that if you own a domain name, you can make it that nginx proxy looks at the domain name and then uses the correct appliance ip and with SRP records on the domain provider you could also remove ports.

In case your isp uses a dynamic public ip, you could use ddns for this.

It really depends on your use case😉

Technical it is possible, I worked in many companies, that are using more than one public IP at one Gateway. Someti.es with one Modem, sometimes with more Modems (f.ex. Backup line via GSM) … This also depends on the plan your ISP is offering you. I know no private data plan with more than one IP.

And I don’t believe GL.iNet is providing more than one ISP at a time. You can connect Ethernet, WLAN and Tethering, but the list will be used one at a time. If the highest priority is not available, the other path will be used.

It would helpful to know why you’d like more than one IP.

In my case I have one IP and multiple DDNS and CNAME records are pointing to my router. My router forwards all to my reverse proxy, which is routing the request, depending on the requested domain.

home.domain.com - ddns.com - public IP - reverse proxy -
mail.domain.com - ddns.com - public IP - reverse proxy -
secure.domain.com - ddns.com - public IP - reverse proxy -
nas.domain.com - othersdns.com - public IP - reverse proxy -

The NAS is available from CNAME of my domain as well as the own DNS service.

@LupusE @xize11
Thank you so much for your answer.

The reason I want more than one IP address is because I want have more than one server connected to my modem and the clients connected to those serves can have diffrents Public IP address.

Please let me know if you get my idea.

Thanks in advance.

No Problem. Just use the port for each service at each server.
If you’d like to have more than one same Service, use a reverse proxy. Just as anyone else.

home.ddns.com:25 → (SMTP MailServer)
home.ddns.com:53 → (DNS Server)
home.ddns.com:80 → (HTTP Web Server)
home.ddns.com:110 → (POP3 Mail Server)

Reverse proxy is a little much to explain here in one block.

The IP of the client(s) really doesn’t matter here.