Different IP Locations on different devices after VPN client setup

I need to go out of town in a few weeks but I can’t take off work so I got the GL-AR300M mini router so I can keep working and show that I am at home. I have Nord VPN on my PC and I setup a VPN client to the router. When I connect to the router from my work laptop (which has Cisco AnyConnect VPN installed on it), and try to search my IP location, it shows a different IP address than what I set up on the Nord app and it does not update the location when I change my Nord IP location. It works on my PC because the Nord app is installed on there, but I can’t figure out how to show a different location on my work laptop. Please any suggestions would help!

Can you clarify your setup?

AR300M is working as VPN server at your home?

You mentioned three vpn: router vpn ,nordvpn, Anyconnect. I am totally lost which connect to which device.

Yeah sorry. Nord VPN is set up as a VPN client on the AR300M. Anyconnect is installed on my work laptop and is connected to the router (through the Nord client). The location on my work laptop does not show the same location that I set in Nord even though it is connected to the client through the router.

You use anyconnect on your laptop, so your laptop should show the location of the anyconnect server.

You can try:

  1. Turn off anyconnect, your laptop should show location of nord server.
  2. Pls note, Nord has too many servers, when you connect to a server in France, for example, if you check the web and shows your location in London. It may be problem of multihop of Nord or wrong IP location data. As long as Nord shows you are using their server it is fine.

Yeah that makes sense. I turned off anyconnect and have my laptop connected through the AR300M/Nord client and it does show a different city than what I am in, but not a different state like what I have set up through Nord. I’m using anyconnect because that’s what my job has installed on their equipment and there’s no way I can do my job without it turned on. I want to run my work laptop (with anyconnect on) through the AR300M/Nord client and have my location show up in a different state, but when I search my IP location on my work laptop it still shows up in my state. That’s where I’m having issues and am not sure what I am doing wrong. Can I not run anyconnect through a different VPN client and have it work the way that I want?

When using anyconnect, it should show the state where the anyconnect server is.

Now the problem is why do you want to use Nord on the router?

I want to use Nord on the router so I can control where my IP address appears to be. I have control of Nord, my employer has control of anyconnect. I don’t want my employer to know that I am going out of state when I do in a few weeks, so I’m trying to route my location (with anyconnect running) through the router, to a Nord location that I choose.

I see.

First, before connecting anyconnect, only connect Nord and check your location. Make sure it is your state.

Then connect anyconnect.

Using your own home vpn server is much better than using Nord.