Digital Nomad Router - Update Mudi/Puli?

I’m looking for a “global” travel router and ideally I want one from GL-Inet with all the dd-wrt goodness! The problem is there are a features I’m still looking for that GL-Inet doesn’t offer in its current product line, most specifically E-Sim.

I travel between many countries. I thought I’d start a list so GL-Inet has a new product to announce at CES that can win awards and fit my (and other’s needs). Hoping others will contribute!

  1. E-sim with ability to have multiple profiles and NOT TIED TO A SPECIFIC VENDOR (eg. I can use anyone’s esim)

  2. Sim card port (perhaps 2) for those places where I need it.

  3. Ability to have an external wifi antennna (for repeater mode). Presently in a situation where I barely get wifi, and an external antenna on the balcony would fix that without the whole unit sitting out there

  4. Battery power, with the ability to act as a spare battery to charge devices (12+ hours run time please)

  5. Global 4G and preferably 5G as that is where the market is going.

  6. A Lan Port? I don’t need this, but there are situations where others might.

  7. Small Size and weight for travel

  8. Both 2.4 and 5GHz Wifi

  9. Ability to add an external antenna

  10. Ethernet port through USB C

Love to hear from others who agree, disagree or would like to add their thoughts

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A dream router.

I sent to product managers to check.