Directional antenna sma connector wifi repeater

Hi I have a directional antenna installed along with an alfa usb card and an old router running Openwrt in order to get wifi from a public hotspot (around 120m from my house) and repeat it in my house. The connection is not too bad, around 8-10 Mbps down and 1Mbps up, but I have problems with bufferbloat because I share bandwith with flatmates (around 8 devices connected) so for a smooth connection I need to throtle to 2Mbps.

I think I have two problems:

  1. Too many connections between antenna and router (alfa card and usb connection)

  2. Quite old and weak router

Do you think would be possible to quit one antenna to GL-AR300M-Ext and connect the directional antenna (has an SMA connector) there? I guess that if both antennas of GL-AR300M work together this won’t be possible… Do you have any other product that would fit my needs, considering that I can only use 2.4GHz?

I’m also interested in the answer.

You can just connect your directional antenna to AR300M-Ext and try. You only have one antenna right? I am not sure what it will like if the two antennas are different. But it is worth to try.

Sorry I don’t have a setup here.