Disable Hardware Acceleration per Interface?

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I have the GL-MT3000 and would like to limit the down/upload speed on the guest network.

I have tested it with the SQM package, and it works if I disable Network / Hardware Acceleration.

But I'd love to use Hardware Acceleration on my private networks (LAN, Wifi 2G and 5G). Then on the guest network, I'd like to disable Hardware Acceleration so that I can get the SQM to work properly (which it does when setting the router into Software Acceleration mode).

ChatGPT suggested I'd use the setting disable_offload '1' on the interface in the /etc/config/network file. But that seems not to have any effect.

Has anybody ever done this and gotten it to work? I'd love to get some input.

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Afaik it's not possible to disable hardware acceleration per network, it's a per device setting.

It is not recommend to enable both as per openwrt’s “Note since these features offload routing/NATpackets they are incompatible with SQM.

Source: [OpenWrt Wiki] GL.iNet GL-MT6000

Before you go to any great lengths, have you tested network and router performance with it enabled and disabled to see whether it is really helping you much at all? You may not be missing anything by disabling it.

Thank you for your input. I have not fully tested hardware vs software performance - assuming if it's advertised as accelerated network performance it would also do as advertised.

I hoped that the disable_offload '1' could be done on a per-device basis. Which brings me to the question: what counts as a device? Is this something that on the MT3000 could be done for the network device that runs the guest network, or are all 4 networks running through the same network device?

For now, I will most likely allow my guests to just use as much speed without using SQM after all :see_no_evil:.

Device meaning router, not interface. So 1 router = 1 device. :smiley:

Ok, thank you @admon.

Solution to my question based on the input of everyone (as of 2024-05-21):

  • Hardware or Network Acceleration is a setting that's for the whole router.
  • Disabling Hardware Acceleration possibly has little effect on the throughput but I have not compared this.
  • With Hardware Acceleration disabled, the SQM works perfectly.
  • So, if you need SQM on any wifi / interface / network, you have to disable Hardware Acceleration

Thank you.

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