Disabling non-essential services x750


Can we disable non essential services on x750 to free up resources and cpu ?

Ie… disabling the captive portal page, bluetooth, filesharing server, openvpn.

Disabling them so that the processes dont run in the background?

Thank you.

You can enable and disable services by GUI on advanced admin menue.
A up to 3.104 it need to be configured again after every firmware update, see 3.104 short test bug list.

I dont know, its fixed now. It can be I will test on the since some hour available 3.2 firmware, after the “Pls do not use the firmwares in this folder until this file is removed.txt0KLast modified: Tue Jan 26 2021 08:52:00 GMT+0100” It can be we will get a statement by gl on next days about the status, features and fixes of the brand new 3.2 firmware snapshot version.