Short test of openwrt-ar750-3.104.bin

Estimated characteristics

  • Many appreciated functions
  • Pleasant menus for operation

Potential for improvement by security, same like on follow:

Potential for other improvements:

I didnt check follow old issues on openwrt-ar750-3.104.bin again:

  • GL-AR750: (DFS), not supported
  • not possible to past initial admin passwort on installation screen to form by rightclick, its working on admin webinterface and advanved admin webinterface fine
  • as initial passwort are only short passworts accepted, after installation are possible to change to max lenght (p.e. WLAN max lenght 63 caracter) passwort on admin web interface
  • change password on admin webinterface, still not change admin password on advanced webinterface too
  • active ssh on wan port by default
  • active ssh by default in general
  • running Open VPN and WireGuard VPN services, even if only one of them or none of them is configured as to be used in the main menu
  • WPA2 Enterprise is missing on Admin menue
  • 750-3.100-1217, Drope down menue from time zone not alphabetical

Some other bugs and improvement proposals, could be found in the bug and iprovement tracking system that has been deleted for some time (and lost weeks of testing by this way):

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Thanks for your share.

I am looking since days for a backup of the deleted buglist on:

Now I found one of of the security releated potential for improvements (Bug or Feature Request 144 ):
The status are not clear, because the bugtracer are deleted since some time.

The following issue has been ASSIGNED.

Reported By: Henry_Bruns
Assigned To: kyson-lok

Project: Routers
Issue ID: 144
Category: None
Severity: minor
Priority: normal
Status: feedback
Type: Feature Request

Date Submitted: 2019-03-04 19:21 UTC
Last Modified: 2019-08-01 07:43 UTC

Summary: Security, NTP, easy to get wrong date and as result
out of date certificates
Providing secured time source like:

The normal NTP by UDP can easy used to set a wrong time (pe. the right time +
one or more years). The result of this are, the most certificates will be
invalide. Certificate based things wil stopp working.
Secured time source will fix this. I am not a programmer, I dont no how
complicated to implement like this. It can be, NTP by TLS 1.2 time information
will be one good way (TLS 1.3 is without time information).


(0000705) kyson-lok (administrator) - 2019-08-01 07:43

Why NTP easy to get wrong date?

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2019-08-01 07:43 kyson-lok Status new => feedback
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