Disabling the GL-AR150 from calling home (stop DDNS)?

Is it possible to stop my GL-AR150 calling home (disable DDNS)?

I’ve tried to set option enabled ‘0’ in the /etc/config/glconfig file, but this does not work :confused:

The AR150 will be used with a 3G connection, and I hate wasting bandwidth, and do not need a DDNS

Thank you for this great product!

It should work. May it is a bug.

The must-work way: remove the ddns script directly.

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Where is the DDNS script located?



Thanks (*2)

How do you add a DDNS server setup for another provider after you remove this script? For example I would like to add https://freedns.afraid.org/ (thanks)

Actually you can install luci-app-ddns package and configure a lot of ddns service from Luci.

That worked great. That was not a package from the “available” list but when I keyed in the name of the package in the search field, it found the package and installed it in a matter of seconds. Thanks!