Disappointed that VPN client & server cannot be active together

4.2 upgrade fixed the issue for me. Now I can run both VPN client and Server together on Flint. Cascading works.

Now, I have another issue. the S2S from Goodcloud doesn’t seems to work now along with cascading.

Hello. I just bought the Beryl AX and thought that I would start here with the VPN feature. The title of this forum is that the client and the server cannot be activated together. Just to be clear, does that mean that the unit comes with a built in VPN, and if I set up my Mullvad account to the unit, only one will be running? One more thing, should I use OpenVPN or WireGuard? Thank you.

The router does not comes with build-in vpn service. You need to set up.

1 Open the [VPN] > [WireGuard Client] settings in the Admin Panel.
2 Click on the configuration button and delete all the servers.
3 Register new servers.