Disassociate IPv6 from DDNS

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I configured the GL.iNet DDNS (glddns.com), and everything was working perfectly. I enabled IPv6 to test it yesterday, and now the DNS resolution points to both an IPv4 and an IPv6 address. The issue is that I disabled IPv6 on the GL.iNet, but it seems there is no way to dissociate the IPv6 address from the DDNS. This leads to problems when I try to access the network via the hostname glddns.com from another IPv6 network, which attempts to connect to the IPv6 but doesn’t work because it’s actually disabled. Can someone help me? Thank you!

The DDNS server will keep the data last uploaded, it won’t be auto deleted


I understand that it won’t be auto-deleted, but this poses a significant issue, particularly considering they are “travel routers”.

IPs may become unavailable when changing locations. Consequently, I now have an old IPv6 that is non-functional, and networks using IPv6 will attempt to connect to that outdated address. This doesn’t appear to be an ideal situation.

There should be a method to delete these obsolete addresses.

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This seems an issue indeed. We do have an internal bug record for this.

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Thank you for the response, and I’m glad you’re aware of the issue. Are there any timelines regarding this?

Sorry cannot promise a timeline now.


uci -q show | grep glddns

Check your device specific parm.
Then update null ip with this url.