Disconnection during speedtest


i have a GL.iNet AR-750S, when i connect to a wifi with wpa2-ent auth, if i do a speedtest i got disconnected in the middle of upload test. I have already revert to original settings and connected for first time only to that wifi, and the problem persists. How can i solve? (last firmware installed…)

Here’s a demo video:

this is actually interesting -
using ookla’s speedtest on either my iphone or pc would almost always crash my MT300A (3.100) and about 25% of the times crash my AR750s (3.100)

(On the AR750s) I only have issues with Ookla (or any other speedtest), if trying to split connect with wireguard.
Using it without VPN or with all traffic passing VPN, I haven’t had any issues so far.

@MC7 What is the expected upload speed, which it should achieve without crashing? Have you tried stopping the test after download finished and restarted the download test immediatly?

The expected upload speed it’s about 27mbps.
Yes, i have tried stopping test after download and if i stop it, does not crash, even if i stop when upload test is just started does not crash… It crashes about at middle of upload test…

Did you restart the test immediately after stopping?
Have you tried uploading something somewhere, to see if it a general issue related to the upload?

As the upload is a lot less than the download it can unlikely cause overload, so I was wondering if multiple or ongoing download tests will also cause the disconnection.

In Ookla there is also the possibility to test a single connection? Have you tried that? Does it give the same results?

@ThH yes if i restart the test immediately after stopping it works, but in the next test, in the middle of upload test it crashes…
No, i have not tried to upload something (like for example on wetransfer) and i also not have tried to test in single connection (it’s possible in ookla), i will try and i will update the post

@ThH i have tried with another wifi hotspot (fon) a lot slower (1mbps) and no disconnection during upload speedtest, but when connected to that hotspot (with captive portal) after a few minutes (random) i got disconnected (like when i do upload speedtest as i shown in the video).

Another question, is possibile to do an auto-login script for Fon wifi community? i want (if is possible) that ar 750s connects automatically to that hotspot…
the url of captive portal is like this: