Discover a mysterious new device .. MT3000

Just found out that there is a new device named “MT3000” that its firmware is available on GL-iNet github. :smile:

The naming reading should be MTK chipset product and support external modem and Wi-Fi 6 3000(?) by its release note.

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It’s been lurking in the infrabuilder for a while, but most of it is still in the private gitlab section, so hard to do a clean build - which I suppose doesn’t matter since the hardware hasn’t been released yet!

If you look at the code it appears to be powered by the same MT7981 that’s in the MT2500, but as the release notes you posted show it looks like it supports WiFi. Depending on the size/weight it could be the kind of product a lot of us have been looking for!


Well, meet GL-MT3000 : GL-MT3000 / Beryl AX - GL.iNet
The Beryl successor on steroids. :grin:

@jdub, @Johnex and others have also been discussing this here:

Interesting stuff… :-).