Distance/Range for GL-MT300N-V2 - Devices connecting to it

What is the operating distance for devices connected to the GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2.
I guess i am looking for the MAX distance away from the device the users connecting to it can be.
The device itself will be repeating a signal from a Mobile hotspot within 1 meter…

If you look at the Gl-Inet FAQ

What is the range of the Wi-Fi coverage?

Based on our test, our routers can cover around 80-100 meters in open area. Generally, the Wi-Fi coverage in a house should be around 20-30 meters.

But obviously be aware that there are a LOT of factors that will determine effective range. Your client’s Wifi card, obstructions between the router and your client, what the obstruction is made of (glass,wood, metal, flesh :slight_smile: etc) , what other WiFI networks or other radio sources are nearby that might interfere…

p.s. Don’t forget it’s possible to USB tether your mobile hotspot source with the Mango (if you can e.g. mobile phone or 4G MiFi) which would give a much more reliable internet connection rather than WiFi hotspotting it.

We will be using this outside at tournaments, where we need to get WiFi access to multiple scoreboards. The scoreboards (Fire 7 Tablets), use very little internet, but need connectivity to report scores to a cloud server. We could set up anywhere from 10-32 stations, usually in a field or large open area, like a small soccer field, maybe the furthest being 40 meters away. Do you think this would be an issue? Thanks again for you response!!