Distributor needed for US, UK, DE (and other countries) especially for MiFi

Dear Users,

We are looking for Distributor in the US, UK and DE for our products, especially for MiFi.

As you know, MiFi is expensive than other products and it has a battery inside. Furthermore, it needs to work with your country’s carrier. So we need your help! You can work as individual or business. The distributor also need to support our coming bigger routers and other business solutions.

Works need to do as a distributor:

  • Get returns from Amazon and other clients, check the defective reason
  • Exchange for clients who want an exchange
  • Recycle the battery in defective MiFi and send back defective devices back to HK
  • Repacking good devices
Furthermore, as a distributor, you need to do
  • Provide simple technical support in local language
  • Doing marketing in your own country
  • Resell our products
To be a distributor, you need to be:
  1. A good and experienced user who knows our products and OpenWrt or a business who has experience in our products
  2. Doing business legally in your own country. You have to take care of your own income and tax etc.
  3. Business sense. This is not a must but if you want to do a good business, this is necessary.
  4. Commitment. We come to an agreement and we need to commit on that.
What we will offer:
  • If you are an individual and freelancer, we can offer a basic salary for daily service, pay for commission and help to build your business
  • If you are a business then we can just work out the agreement.
Except for US, DE and UK, we are also looking for distributor around the world, especially for Italy, Spain, France and other EU countries, South America, India etc. If interested, please write to us: service @ gl-inet.com


I have a UK limited company (IT consultancy and Professional Services) and would be interested in distributing in the UK.



Hi Jimlad,

Pls check email.

Hi –

I have some ideas on how to get you into specific vertical markets (maritime, aero, and developing world markets) and bundle SIM cards with MiFis. Can you please drop me a line?


@ttmooney, thanks. Can you send email to me at service @ gl-inet.com

I don’t have your email.

sorry that you are not interested distribut in Russia =)

We can do distribution in Canada and possibly assist in US market for supply + returns (don’t have a US office so cannot do local testing on US networks for MiFi). We are primarily a telecom reseller but have also co-owned an e-commerce gateway and have an in house shipper/receiver. We also have a battery recycling program in place already so handling proper disposal of dead MiFi batteries would not be an issue.

Staff-wise I have over 10 years experience in OpenWRT and will be using MiFi for at least one of our own projects going forward so would definitely have the ability to provide basic local support/etc, and we’ve been in business since 1996 so not going anywhere ;o)

Let me know what commitment/agreement/etc you have in mind.

Jump Network Telecommunications Ltd

@jolouis, please drop me an email.

@Passter, we actually have two distributors in Russia already. Russia guys are the earliest to sign an contract with us, formally. Believe me, we cannot do any business in Russia without local distributor. I will check how they are doing.


Hi alzhao,

We are a 10 old company in UK specialized in telecommunications solutions. We can support you also with french, German and Romanian languages. As places where we are present, our main office is in UK but we have also an office in Taiwan. I have sent an email already to the address you mention in the post.

All the best,


@Alzhao, I live in russia, please give me their contacts for purchase, last time I ordered devices from another country and waited a long time for the parcel. Thanks.

@Passter, here is the one distributor we are working. Seems they are still working to import the product to Russia. I am sure they have stock already. You can ask them directly.

@Alzhao, Judging by the site it is some sort of integrator of solutions for trade and they bought your products for themselves and their decisions, I’ll try to get in touch and clarify … Сan you give more contacts?

@Passter, I have another contact in Russia and as far as I know, they hasn’t bought anything. So no bother to give the contact info. Seems both of them is to use the products for their own projects.

it seems that you do not have any retail or wholesale sales in Russia. Sadness is sad …

Alfie, please send me a message …I’m an LLC in Greater NYC area - looking to expand my current consulting business, this would be beneficial


Are you still looking for a UK distributor?

I have 30 years of running a multi million pound UK software company. I have global IT company contacts also that may be of interest. Please message me if you would like to discuss.



@AxeBro and @johjol,

Will drop you an email.