DJI Ryze Tello Drone

The people who use this type of drone employ Wifi Extender to get better distance from the drone. Normally, there is a video stream coming from the drone to the smartphone which is used to control the drone.

However, I find using GL-iNet routers like the Mango and the AR300M - I can control the drone with the router acting as a wifi repeater/extender but get no video stream feed to the smartphone.

Does anyone know why? With most other (travel) routers used with this drone we get the video stream which allows us to see and record what the drone sees.

You can use repeater to stretch the distance, but it also slows the data rate.

In other words, this is an expected behaviour of the router in this application? That’s too bad as other routers (for ex tp-link) does not do this.

Seems like NAT problem?

Do you know which ports and protocols they use?

Why do you want to use a router? My friend do have a DJI and I can try. DJI’s remote control does have wifi that has long range.

So? Any results? GL-iNet have at least a couple of usb powered routers that would be of interest to Tello Drone pilots. If you can resolve this - I would be glad to review and test it.

Hope this thread isn’t too old to respond to. I was wondering if you ever got this sorted. Thanks!