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Hi all, delving into the config file generated from the wirguard server is this default dns which I believe belongs to verizon. You can change this to any DNS provider which is suggest as either or

You can set up the DNS you want when adding WG configuration

really? where was this setting when starting the wireguard server or adding a new client profile?

Set it up here.

Hi @luochongjun,

is there also a way to change the default (so that it uses the dns server of the router itself)?

If you don’t specify a DNS address, it will fall back to the router’s own.

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@fonix232 unfortunately this does not seem to be the case for me. I have some internal entries in dnsmasq on the Brume, just removing the customer dns entry on my Android client did not manage to resolve these (only when specifically putting the lan ip of the brume as the dns server).