Dns adguard + vpn

Using quad9 dns server on the adguard home + using a vpn server connected to JAPAN, when using the dns leak test the isp is woody.net but the location is from China but I am currently in Japan is there a dns leak or am I doing it right?

The IP information may not be correct as it is stored differently by each provider.
The question is therefore: Are you currently in China or is it just displayed that way?

Simply test using various services, e.g. https://ifconfig.co

The decisive factor is whether the correct IP (i.e. that of the VPN provider) is displayed.
You can test a DNS leak here: https://www.dnsleaktest.com/

No I am not in China.

In this case, your question has already been answered by my post above :wink:

*To clarify, it is okay that the country is China since it is stored differently by each provider? but should it be the country Japan since that is my correct VPN provider.

Whether this is “OK” depends on your intended use.
If you are only interested in privacy, this should be fine.

In principle, different IP address information providers use different databases.
It can therefore happen that IP addresses are assigned to a different country.

I am just skeptical because it wont match the VPN provider that I choose even if I changed it to Malaysia, Japan or Vietnam it always goes to the country China…

So please test with and without VPN.

Is a different IP even displayed when the VPN connection is activated?
Which VPN policy are you using?

When not using a vpn it changes to ISP:WoodyNet Country:Singapore using quad9 DNS server. The VPN policy I used is Global Proxy…

I remember about an issue where AdGuard does not apply VPN policies and sends all the DNS traffic by the normal ISP.

To understand what’s happening here, you should disable AdGuard for a while and test again. Maybe AdGuard chooses the nearest (and fastest) Quad9 DNS server and this one is located in China.

Disabled adguard and here is the result

It works though, but I want to use the adguard dns instead of the dns of the vpn provider which if I use both the vpn plus the adguard quad9 dns it will go to China again

Might be as I said before: The fastest server will be selected and this could be China. In that case you don’t have much choice.

But as I said before: IP is important - so you should check against your IP instead of your DNS.

What would you recommend using a VPN with their dns or just using your isp ip with quad9 dns?

That depends on what you want to achieve.

Normally, the DNS server of the VPN provider is completely sufficient. For increased security, you can use a different DNS server. As long as nothing points to your actual location at the end, everything is fine.

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Try UPSTREAM adguard DNS in your AdGuard home.

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already using it

You using upstream from quad.

Mark # each line to stop
And put adguard dns.

what do you mean like this?

Depends on what you are trying to do. :wink:
If you want to use Adguard DNS only, just replace all entries by these:


is it possible to add adguard dns plus the quad9? and then using the parallel requests