Dns for PiHole

I have a personal server and installed Pihole in a container. Everything works fine, but I’d like to use my DNS Pi Hole for all my clients configurated on Slate Ax 1800. I can do that and set it up as a proxy server, but where is the correct local to setup my DNS., because with custom option we just have the common DNS, and for me, it’s not custom once a time you have a limited option for DNS, or am I wrong? And if I use a proxy as DNS when I connect to VPN, nothing works

I decided to move to pihole because adguard home on my router if I upload a huge list of block list, the router doesn’t support it, and my internet starts to fall down.

Any help on this? thanks

Demand an answer within 3h in a public forum. Without any detail. Okay.

I don’t read any GL-Inet related issue, here. It is more a PiHole topic.

So I assume the IP of your PiHole is …
The DNS in your GL-inet Router is
The Client got as DNS Server
The PiHole has the routers IP as DNS (

The Client asks the PiHole, the PiHole asks the router, the Router asks the PiHole …

You need to configure your Upstream in yous PiHole.

Thanks Lupus
I configurated unbound,
I just need to know where I enter the Ip of DNS on GL router, because inthe custom section, it forces me to choose a provider from the list, which does not make sense .

At my AXT 1800, I can set in ‘Menu - Network - DNS’ in the second Section ‘Manual DNS’. There I can enter any DNS.
But my AXT 1800 is just for one (W)LAN segment, and got the DNS by the DHCP of the main router.

If your setup is different, maybe the options changes.

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Yes, my setup is different, but I am going to change it like your config because Manual DNS is bad, because it force you to choose a provider from the list,
Thank you again

I see. At least in Firmware 4.1.0 I get the list, but just start to write in the text box …

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