DNS Forwarding Not Working

I have a Slate and set to Extender Mode. In Luci, I’ve set the wwan, stabridge and lan to the same firewall zone. Stabridge is set to forward dhcp and is bridging wwan and lan.

I have joined to a wireless network that has a DHCP server. I’m connected by ethernet to the lan port on the Slate with my computer requesting DHCP. Pretty standard wireless to lan network extension, but DHCP does not pass. If I set DHCP with manual address, it works fine and populates the gateway and dns info and traffic passes, but no connection to the management interface. If I set to full DHCP, I end up with a self-assigned IP. I cannot find any errors on the system log. Occasionally an IP will pass then disappear almost immediately and go back to self-assigned.

I am using the latest firmware.

Any ideas? I’m at a loss. I’ve factory reset and tried multiple times with the same result. I can get a DHCP fine connecting direct to the AP with the DHCP, but not through the Slate.

Extender network mode uses Layer 3 relayd routing, which DHCP broadcast does not work that well across:

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I am not sure why you change settings in luci.

If you set up extender mode using the default UI, more settings->network mode, it should do this for you already.

wwan was still in the wan firewall zone by default. I moved it into the lan firewall zone.

Neither works very well for DHCP, it seems.

You should not change that. I can tell you why. Extender mode, working on a layer 3 bridge. So wwan is in the wan zone. The client is relayed to the upstream network.

When set up extender in the default UI, it should just work. The only thing you need to do is just to unplug and replug the lan cable so that the PC get an new IP using DHCP.