DNS in VPN policy in GL-MT300N-V2


in Default firmware (3.025), when i use VPN and VPN Policy (Domain - Only allow the following use VPN), VPN DNS always used even if the website is outside VPN Policy sites. When i use Pre-release firmware (3.102), The DNS is working perfectly (Sites under VPN Policy use VPN DNS, Site outside VPN policy use ISP. So DNS).

The reason i use this setup because i only use VPN for netflix and reddit (banned in my country) and the VPN i use is local small VPN provider that i’m not comfortable to using them for internet banking. So i prefer non VPN connection and ISP DNS for internet Banking and everything else.

Is there any difference in stability between 3.025 firmware dan 3.102 Beta firmware? is the next stable firmware will still forced DNS VPN for sites outside VPN policy?

Sorry, not english speake.

EDIT : SOLVED, latest stable firmware (3.102) solved my problems

3.102 should be released already 2 days ago.

Ah, i’ll me try the new firmware then.

Is there any ways to save router setting/configuration? i have over 30 domain and IP address in my VPN policy and i prefer if i can export/import the data rather than input them 1 by 1

Solved : When upgrading firmware just turn on setting

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